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How DSG implemented AI to increase customer happiness and cut not-at-home failed deliveries by 42%

February 19, 2024

Ashley Franchisees DSG and TDG had a vision to radically improve customer happiness and operational efficiency. They needed a solution that automates and integrates customer-centric engagements with sales, customer care & delivery in real-time, giving cross-department visibility of all customer touchpoints throughout the entire buyer journey.


In this webinar hosted by Furniture Today, our panelists discuss how they made the switch from the industry standard delivery management platform to, and how by implementing it, they achieved 42% reductions in no-at-home deliveries, 85% increase in self-service delivery confirmations, and 45% customer feedback response rates.


  • Norman Alegria, Director of Customer Experience, The Dufresne Group (TDG)
  • Chris Gustafson, Director of Quality Assurance, Dufresne Spencer Group (DSG)
  • Ralph Shulberg, General Manager, North America,
  • Yelena Markovic, Business Development Manager for North America,

This Webinar is a Must For

  • Furniture and appliance retail decision-makers
  • Looking to gain cross-departmental visibility of their customer’s experience, leading to operational efficiency and cost-savings

Key Takeaways

  • Why it’s essential to break the silos between sales, customer care, and delivery utilizing the right technology – and how it boosts customer loyalty and retention
  • Why customer communications during the last mile are usually broken – and how to fix them
  • How to turn customer communications in the last mile from a problem area into a customer engagement engine and a strategic competitive advantage
  • Why consolidating all customer engagement tools into one platform is crucial for improving both customer experience and operational efficiency

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