10 Reasons Why Consolidating Your Messaging and Fulfillment Solutions Will Slash Costs and Drive Additional Sales

Ralph Shulberg
October 19, 2022

Using disparate systems to manage customer interactions, deliveries and support is a key cause of inefficiencies that are most likely costing you money each and every day.

It is now possible, for the first time, to unify these solutions into a single platform. Such consolidation will dramatically increase the transparency of every customer interaction across all departments and enhance customer engagement, while reducing labor costs, saving you time and money.’s complete customer engagement platform delivers everything high-value retail and home service brands need to effectively streamline all interactions to:

  • Automate customer service to reduce costs
  • Foster more engaged and loyal customers who become vocal advocates
  • Reveal sales and marketing opportunities
  • Deliver operational efficiencies and cost savings in managing fulfillment

Here are 10 reasons why retailers should stop working in silos and move on to using the [full] package:

1. Foster more engaged and loyal customers

Unifying siloed solutions into a complete customer engagement platform delivers everything needed to effectively forge, nurture, and monetize meaningful relationships with customers. Using, companies don’t notify their clients, they interact with them. These interactive customer conversations are powered by AI and automation, ensuring each customer has a voice throughout the customer journey. This not only increases engagement, but leads to great fulfillment experiences that build stronger, more personal relationships, turning customers into brand advocates and repeat buyers.

2. Become a more customer-centric retail organization

Retailers who use multiple, disconnected solutions during the fulfillment process lack full visibility of every aspect of a customer’s experience. delivers full transparency of every interaction throughout all stages of the buyers’ journey and across all departments. The merging of all customer conversations with sales, marketing, customer service and delivery, in one central location, is key to creating a true customer-centric experience. Customers of high-value retail and home services need to feel seen and cared-for. Centralizing all the data you have about them means that every interaction they have with your brand feels natural and builds a relationship that lasts.

3. More efficient customer support

Conversational AI, workflow automation and last-mile intelligence, allow for a constantly connected, interactive customer experience. This gives customers peace of mind regarding the status of their delivery, and empowers them to interact when needed using the perfect mix of chat bot and human support. Automation helps customer service staff focus on the interactions that count, by freeing them from busywork. The result will enable you to seamlessly engage with more customers using less resources, while giving vastly superior customer support.


The Dufresne Group (TDG), the largest Ashley Furniture retailer in Canada, experienced a 239% increase in automated customer support chat conversations, reducing the cost of human customer service responses using

4. Personalized sku-level messaging

Fulfillment is an important milestone in a customers’ journey – and in high-value retail and home services, it is a critical business driver. Personalized and interactive conversations for each customer and their specific order helps create a VIP delivery experience for your customers and establish an emotional connection. “Hey, you’re getting a red refrigerator. Please confirm if this is the correct color.” — such personalized, context-related messaging not only establishes deep bonds, but also means you can catch mistakes at any point in time during the fulfillment process. Such interactions with your customers, be it through human reps or AI-powered chatbots, are precisely what turns sales and fulfillment experiences into glowing reviews.


Big Sandy Superstore saw a 100+% increase in its online rating as a direct result of using two-way chat to improve customer satisfaction.

5. Targeted up-sell messaging to drive incremental sales enables automated upsell and campaign management opportunities, based on product SKU, purchase history and most importantly — the fulfillment experience. Every department across your company will know what each customer bought, when they bought it, and how they felt about the customer experience. This will dramatically improve your ability to uncover sales and marketing opportunities that you can automatically act upon and re-engage with customers to drive future sales.


Don’s Appliances witnessed a 5% increase in post-purchase sales growth using, while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

6. Higher delivery confirmation rates

Low confirmation rates are the bane of every retailer that delivers goods. If customers aren’t confirming orders it results in merchandise sitting in the warehouse, which is wasteful of resources and time. The seamless integration of’s automated chatbot into the center of the delivery process means higher confirmation rates result in more deliveries going out.


The Dufresne Group (TDG) increased its delivery confirmation rate by 85% by placing’s automated chatbot into the center of the delivery process. 

7. Fewer failed deliveries

The final stage of the delivery process accounts for 41% of total supply chain costs, according to Accenture’s The Sustainable Last Mile report. But failed deliveries cost more than wasted gas and driver time. Inventory can be damaged as it is being loaded and unloaded, while there are additional costs associated with the resending and rerouting of goods. reduces failed deliveries, lowering costs and improving logistical efficiencies using interactive and automated scheduling, routing and delivery operations that place your customer in the center of the process.


After using for 180 days, Stella Home delivery reduced failed deliveries by 10%.

8. Reduced time for routing and planning

Due to the seamless integration with your overall operations,’s automated routing and planning of deliveries will save time and reduce costs. manages the various delivery zones and the duration of each stop, detailing inventory level SKUs versus non-inventory level SKUs. This reduces the ‘noise’ and places a direct focus on the physical assets required for the routing, planning and timing of each delivery. All of this data is stored in the system so delivery routes can be automatically set up and confirmed, allowing management to take full ownership. The result is that you will no longer be held hostage by drivers taking non-optimal routes.


After implementing Big Sandy Home Furnishings saw its routing and planning costs decrease by 40%.

9. Offer a complete customer experience

Poor customer experience results in lost sales and bad reviews, and is often a direct result of having your customer interactions scattered across different systems. automates your chat and logistics into a seamless, single service, from the first chat, through the last mile, to the next sale, unifying your customer engagement into one platform. When you improve efficiency through automation, you are able to offer a complete customer experience that will make your customers feel like VIPs – from bricks through clicks and beyond.

10. Better coordination between your customers, drive teams and the back office

Every great delivery experience is wasted if you don’t turn it into an online review and repeat sale. Using you’ll be able to directly connect delivery fulfillment to customer service, sales and marketing. Right now, using your existing solution, these departments are most probably blind to each other’s activities. With you will be able to see every customer interaction, empowering coordination and giving the customer a seamless experience from start to finish. And once a delivery is made your sales team can seamlessly engage to further develop the relationship for up-sell and repeat sales opportunities.


Big Sandy Superstore saw an increase of 40% in confirmation rates and a 5% reduction in failed deliveries thanks to better logistical coordination.

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