Technology -

The Delivery Module

  • Customers can communicate at all times
    (SMS/email chat bot).
  • Customer, drivers and dispatch always connected.
  • Sales/Support Agents are alerted for escalat ions.
  • Personalized conversation flows for pickup/delivery
    based on order contents
  • +100X Happier customers
  • 40% lower labor costs

Warehouse, Dispatch,
customer support, sales

  • Delivery-aware AI-chatbot
  • Self-scheduling module
    (website + messaging)
  • Delivery and self-pickup support
  • Advanced Route Optimization
  • Personalized conversation flows
  • Visual data tagging
  • Automated agent assignment
  • Driver tracking for consumers
  • Order + Conversation management modules
  • Driver Messaging module
  • 3PL/contractor module
  • Driver Apps + Digital POD

The Reviews Module

  • Personalized feedback flow
  • A/B testing for response optimization
  • Contextual review prompts
  • Click-through tracking
  • Multi-location reviews
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Multi-site review distribution
  • Native payments in messaging*
  • Response optimization engine
  • +100X Online Reviews

The Sales Module

  • Sku-based, automated upsell platform
  • Personalized campaigns based on delivery experiences and interactions
  • Native Opt-in / Opt-out flows
  • Website chat widget for converting leads to sales conversations
  • Automated upsell platform based on purchase history
  • Campaign and response analytics & tracking
  • Native payments in messaging*
  • +15% Higher sales

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