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Continuously-connected fulfillment

Make each of your customers feel heard while cutting operational costs with interactive and automated customer service and operations that place your customer in the center.

  • Personalize fulfillment engagement for each customer and their specific order powered by AI chat-bot
  • Continuously connect with customers, while keeping sales and marketing in the loop
  • Optimized & automated  scheduling, dispatch and routing operations
  • +100X Happier customers
  • 40% lower labor costs

Optimized & automated scheduling,
dispatch and routing operations

  • Self-scheduling
  • Delivery and self-pickup support
  • Automated agent assignment
  • Driver tracking & messaging for customers
  • Driver route app + digital POD
  • 3PL/contractor module

Great experiences become glowing reviews

Automated upsell and campaign management platform, based on product SKU, purchase history and most importantly- the fulfillment experience .

  • Easy, customizable, personalized feedback flow automated for each specific order type
  • Use feedback data for contextual review, distribution and response optimization
  • Performance analytics to optimize customer journey — A/B testing, response rate tracking


  • +100X Online Reviews

Turn your customers into repeat buyers

Personalized, automated upsell and campaign management platform, in sync with the fulfillment experience

  • Upsell and marketing are personalized using  product SKU, purchase history & last-mile intelligence 
  • Customers can complete the purchase within the platform with in-app payment 
  • Performance analytics dashboard, A/B testing and response rates optimize the customer journey
  • +15% Higher sales

Discover how you can use AI, automation and data intelligence
to form customer engagement that drives sales

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