visual Launches Generative AI-Jenny 2.0

April 17, 2024

The new, comprehensive Gen AI offering for retailers will assist human agents in crafting responses to customers’ inquiries. It is the first of its kind to utilize unique data from both logistics and customer success. 


NEW YORK, April 10, 2023 —, the AI-based customer engagement platform tailor-made for furniture and appliance retailers, has enhanced its customer engagement capabilities using Gen AI. This new offering merges LLM capabilities with retailer-specific data to assist human customer service agents in crafting better and faster responses to customers.  


This will see expand the use of its virtual customer engagement agent, AI-Jenny, from providing automated customer assistance, such as scheduling, arranging self-pickups, and answering questions, to directly assisting agents using Gen AI. Agents benefit by automatically receiving suggested responses when customers ask questions. They can then decide to answer with the recommended text or use it as inspiration for their own response.


Using AI-Jenny as their personal assistant increases agent productivity, enabling them to respond faster to customers without wasting time formulating and editing responses themselves. After implementing and AI Jenny, the added efficiencies have already seen Bob Mills Furniture’s same-day issue resolution of customer problems increase by 84%, and its NPS score grow by 50%. 


AI-Jenny learns from all customer engagements and information sources, including sales, customer service, order history, and general customer information. This means she is always ready to suggest the optimal answer based on the specific inquiry and previous customer interactions. 


“Leveraging Generative AI allows to deliver a more personalized, responsive, and compelling customer experience during the last mile, not only with automation but by offering better human service where the human touch matters the most,” says Ziv Fass, CEO and Co-Founder of “This is key to our ‘humanized’ AI approach to ensure customers feel valued, acknowledged, and heard consistently. Two-way, engaging conversations are key to enabling retailers to extend their warm, personalized experience beyond the confines of their physical, bricks and mortar store showroom throughout the last mile and customer journey.”’s enhanced customer engagement capabilities using Gen AI is focused on helping retailers to build deeper emotional connections with their customers to maximize customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, repeat purchase, and ultimately Lifetime customer value. 


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