One AI platform

for centralized and automated customer
interactions, data and workflows that boost performance

Your customers should get the VIP experience

throughout their buying journey, especially during fulfilment – that critical phase when they decide whether they’ll buy from you again. With you can make your customers feel valued and cared for – and see how they keep coming back.

Hi, I’m AI Jenny!

I’m your personal virtual customer
engagement agent. Let’s build
customer relationships that drive sales.

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Our full-package is custom-built for home furnishing retailers and service providers


  • Personalized upsell
  • Warranty and services sales

  • Post-sale reviews
  • Post-delivery reviews

  • One contact, one voice
  • Issue handling
  • Post-delivery feedback

  • Opt in/out
  • Website sales
  • In-store to digital

  • Schedule
  • Confirm
  • Track

Customer centric last-mile operations

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    Route optimization

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    Driver app

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    AI-based data tagging

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    Real-time order tracking

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    Customized reporting


Specialized AI that achieves higher revenue and lower operational costs

qoute represents a transformation for our business, giving us one platform to manage all customer interactions
and providing all departments a complete line of sight for each customer interaction.”

Norman Alegria
Director of Customer Experience


Fully integrated two-way chat for sales, fulfillment and support

We don’t notify, we actually converse with customers throughout the entire buyer journey. And it’s a bigger picture than simply bettering delivery confirmation rates and lowering failed deliveries – it’s how you build customer relationships that last.


Hi, I’m AI Jenny!

I’m listening...
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Tailored upsell and reviews automation powered by
last-mile intelligence

Automated campaign management platform, based on product SKU, purchase history and most importantly – the fulfillment feedback data.

  • Post-purchased & post-delivery review generation engine
  • Automated sales & marketing campaign chat platform
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It’s time to be out with the old and in with the new.

We know that, so we work harder.

It’s time to be out with the old and in with the new.
We at take pride in engaging with our customers, just as they do with theirs. So we are constantly listening, developing and rolling out new solutions to what pains you the most.

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    Modern APIs and integrations
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    White glove implementation
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    Insane customer support responsiveness
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    Rapid development of new features
customer turnover in 5 years
Why settle for silos
when you can get the full-package
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