How the Dufresne Group (TDG) Achieved an 239% Increase in Customer Support Automation Using the Conversational AI Engagement Platform Team
July 10, 2022

The implementation of a single, complete interactive customer engagement platform has delivered full visibility of every customer interaction to all departments within TDG during each stage of the customer experience lifecycle.

Why TDG Approached

TDG had implemented four siloed solutions to manage the various stages of its customer lifecycle, from pre-sales to post-delivery. This included Paragon for routing, DispatchTrack for delivery logistics, a separate solution for pre-purchase customer communications and one for promoting social reviews post-purchase.

With this many piece-meal, non-unified solutions, getting a complete picture of a single TDG customer’s experience and journey was proving impossible.

Its one-way customer notifications also made it difficult for customers to have a voice throughout the post-purchase process, including delivery resulting in:

  • No unified view of customer interactions, preventing the delivery of the insights necessary to provide an end-to-end customer experience to foster loyalty and repeat business
  • A lack of engaging post-purchase interactions with its customers, which was failing to set TDG apart in a highly competitive market and not delivering positive reviews to help promote the business

TDG knew it needed to change this fragmented, non-integrated, multi-vendor solution and’s unifying approach was the answer.

The Challenge: Create Engagement that Drives Sales

TDG wanted to optimize its post-purchase communications with customers and develop a single line-of-sight into all customer interactions to:

  • Cultivate customer connections and enhance the overall customer experience beyond being merely transactional
  • Build deeper, on-going customer relationships to drive more sales
  • Deliver more satisfied customers
  • Develop a channel for positive customer reviews

A Seamless Process of Transition and Consolidation

The implementation team worked hand-in-hand with the TDG team to map all processes and workflows, analyze existing platforms, and prioritize which mission-critical activities could immediately be shifted to the platform and which would be phased in over time. All processes, workflows, and communications were then streamlined into one single, complete system.

“I was convinced that this would be a game-changer for us in our journey to become a leader in customer-centricity. Additionally, the thoughtful migration and consolidation process was completed seamlessly in less than four months with zero impact on day-to-day operations at TDG,” says Norman Alegria, Director of Customer Experience at TDG, an early champion for the project.

The Results: A Full Customer Experience with Clear ROI immediately enabled TDG to provide more open and effective conversations with customers in the post-purchase phase. This resulted in:

  • 85% increase in self-service delivery confirmations – leading to the highest ever-recorded successful delivery rate thereby reducing costs
  • 239% increase in automated customer support chat conversations, reducing the cost of human customer service responses
  • A new source for positive social reviews, with higher customer engagement levels translating to increased positive reviews, which is a critical marketing metric for the TDG business leaders
  • 45% feedback response rate regarding the delivery experience for improved delivery operations, while also making it possible to measure and improve the delivery operations in a data-driven and customer-centric manner. Prior to, the previous platform did not offer any customer feedback
  • 4 into 1 – consolidated four different systems into one platform

“ represents a transformation for our business, giving us one platform to manage all customer interactions and providing all departments a complete line of sight for each customer interaction. The future of retail is relationship rather than transactional, and is helping TDG make that future into a reality.” states Norman Alegria, Director of Customer Experience at TDG

Taking Customer Experience to The Next Level

Now that the initial implementation is up and running, the TDG team is working on consolidating additional services and workflows onto the platform. The goal is to further improve internal productivity while better connecting with customers. In addition, the teams are working on adding sales-related capabilities to the automated communications platform, in order to turn the phenomenal customer engagement levels into incremental sales.
“We are really excited about what the future holds for Jenny, the chatbot at TDG. The platform’s ability to measurably lift customer engagement levels have been eye-opening. It feels like we’re finding more potential use-cases every day,” says Norman Alegria, Director of Customer Experience at TDG.

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