How’s Top CX Features Are Revolutionizing The Customer Experience

Ziv Fass
May 16, 2024

For decades, furniture retailers have excelled at creating personalized, high-touch in-store experiences. But changing customer expectations and the omni-channel retail environment, has resulted in the post-purchase experience becoming the battleground where brand loyalty and repeat purchases is won.


Retailers are increasingly prioritizing the enhancement of the post-purchase customer experience to ensure customers feel valued, seen, and heard across all channels, not just in-store.


This focus is particularly critical for home furnishing and appliance retailers, where the post-purchase phase involves more complexities. The process of delivering and installing large, expensive items in homes presents significant challenges. To address these challenges, home furnishing and appliance retailers must create a personalized, responsive, and interactive customer experience throughout the entire purchase lifecycle. Achieving this at scale requires the deployment of specialized artificial intelligence (AI).


AI specialized for Big and Bulky retail, such as home furnishings, facilitates a seamless integration of intelligent automated responses and timely human intervention, mirroring the warmth of in-store experience.’s “humanizing” approach to AI places an emphasis on the blending of automation with a personal touch. Such an approach not only enhances customer engagement but also builds lasting brand loyalty and increases repeat purchase rates, ultimately elevating the customer lifetime value — a critical measure in modern commerce.


So, let’s detail the key customer experience features within’s platform that helps to achieve this.


1. Continuous Customer Engagement with AI Jenny


At the heart of’s approach is AI Jenny, a virtual customer engagement agent designed to maintain a seamless, continuous connection with customers throughout their journey.


Unlike traditional systems that focus primarily on transactional delivery logistics and one-way notifications, AI Jenny does not notify, she converses through two-way conversations. This capability allows retailers to move beyond mere notifications; they engage in meaningful dialogues with customers, addressing inquiries and guiding them through various actions. AI Jenny is available around the clock, ensuring that customers feel valued, seen, and heard at every step, not just during the initial sale.


AI Jenny is not a chatbot; she is a full-fledged customer relationship manager capable of carrying a brand’s voice from the initial inquiry through to delivery scheduling and beyond. She can initiate conversations, prompt actions, and know precisely when to escalate matters to human colleagues. This balance of automation and personal touch helps simulate human-like interactions, making customers feel more connected to the brand.


Moreover, AI Jenny’s capabilities are centralized and visible to all internal teams, enhancing the consistency and personalization of customer interactions. By integrating AI Jenny, retailers can drive sales, reduce operational costs, and improve support response times without the need to increase staff.


2. Enhancing Last-Mile Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency


To meet the challenges of Big and Bulky retail, it is vital to switch the view of last-mile delivery from 2D to 3D. This will allow furniture and appliance retailers to get a deeper and more informed view of their delivery operations and the optimal mix of customer experience and cost efficiency. enhances customer experience to boost NPS by providing real-time tracking and communication options for adjusting delivery details. It also, importantly, helps slash costs using automated routing, ensuring delivery fleet capacity is optimized and that failed deliveries are minimized. Customers of, for example, should expect to:

  • Reduce failed deliveries by 5%
  • Increase confirmation rates by 40%
  • Slash planning costs by 40%


3. Automatically Ensuring Feedback and Reviews


A consistent stream of customer reviews is an incredibly potent and cost-effective marketing tool. It’s important to remember that a 5-star customer experience is only truly impactful if it translates into a positive review. AI-Jenny ensures automated prompts greatly boost the likelihood of satisfied customers sharing positive reviews.


AI-Jenny is also smart enough to know that when a customer provides less than stellar feedback she gets a human agent to make contact to resolve any issues, before she prompts them a review. So only truly satisfied customers are asked to write a review ensuring a flow of 5-star reviews.


4. Creating Personalized Campaigns and Revealing Upselling Opportunities


Retailers adopting, the only AI-powered solution created specifically for home furnishings and appliance retailers, will transform the fulfillment process into a marketing and sales opportunity instead of just viewing it as a cost center.


Retailers using will be able to leverage automated upsell campaigns that utilize customer history, product SKU, and crucially, post-purchase feedback, to uncover sales opportunities.


By understanding, categorizing, and centralizing customer information, AI can uncover sales and marketing opportunities for automatic engagement. utilizes data on customer purchases, spending amounts, and satisfaction levels to craft personalized campaigns tailored to individual preferences. For instance, retailers can use automated campaigns to target customers who recently bought high-value items and offer them related upsells, such as warranties. This approach enhances revenue through increased repeat purchases, product upgrades, and sales of associated products, all without the need to expand staff. — Building and Maintaining Customer Loyalty


In today’s retail environment, where customer loyalty is paramount, the post-purchase experience can make or break a brand. For home furnishing and appliance retailers, the challenges of this phase are particularly daunting. However, by embracing advanced AI solutions like those offered by, retailers can ensure they not only meet but exceed customer expectations. empowers you to create a seamless and personalized experience that sets you apart. The result? Highly engaged customers who become enthusiastic brand advocates and loyal repeat buyers.


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