Case Study: and Big Sandy Superstore

September 08, 2022

Conversational AI, workflow automation and last-mile intelligence streamlines Big Sandy Superstore’s operations leading to reduced costs, dramatically improved customer satisfaction and a 100% improvement in its online rating.

Company Overview

Big Sandy Superstore​ carries the very best in appliances, electronics, furniture, mattresses and home décor. Founded in 1953, it has 25 retail locations and has operated on a very basic principle — give customers the best possible value for the money spent. This philosophy has helped it rank as one of the fastest growing home furnishings retailers in the country, operating a fleet of over 100 vehicles and making over 500 deliveries every day.

Success Indicators

  • -5% failed deliveries
  • +40% confirmation rates
  • -40% planning costs
  • +100% online rating

    “With, we were able to reduce costs and measurably improve customer satisfaction. Most importantly, Jenny the chatbot helped us transform our post-purchase experience from a cost center into a marketing asset!”

    Trey Vanhoose, President, Big Sandy Superstore.

    Reasons For Approaching

    Staff in Big Sandy Superstore’s delivery department were overwhelmed every day trying to organize, manage and optimize delivery routes as the company continued to grow. This was resulting in a high number of failed first-delivery attempts and poor delivery confirmation rates, which were only in the 50% range. This poor delivery experience required a large customer support team to deal with annoyed customers. Big Sandy Superstore was also struggling to generate positive Yelp reviews as a consequence.

    The Business Challenge

    Big Sandy Superstore wanted to change its fulfillment process from being viewed as a cost center to becoming an opportunity to create engagement and trust with its customers. In order to achieve this it knew it had to:

    • Make route planning faster, more efficient and more accurate.
    • Minimize failed delivery attempts
    • Boost confirmation rates
    • Improve customer experience to alleviate the pressure on customer service
    • Turn positive customer feedback into positive online reviews

    The Solution

    • implemented interactive and automated scheduling, routing and delivery operations to dramatically reduce the time involved in planning.
    • The perfect mix of chat bot and human interactions was initiated to continuously connect with customers to communicate, listen and respond quickly and effectively.
    • Personalized fulfillment engagement was used for each customer and their specific order to build deeper relationships with customers.


    Results quickly enabled Big Sandy Superstore to streamline its fulfillment process and transform its customer experience. This resulted in:

    • The slashing of the time and labor required for last mile delivery planning and customer support by 50%.
    • Confirmation rates rapidly increasing thanks to Interactive customer engagement.
    • The reduction of failed deliveries.
    • A vast improvement in customer experience due to the interactive responsiveness available via the chatbot interface.
    • Positive online reviews growing 100% in a short few months.
    • Automated post-purchase engagement with customers to drive more sales.

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