2023: The Year of AI-Jenny Team
November 16, 2023

While other retailers may give their packages to UPS and hope for the best, home furnishing retailers invest heavily by purchasing and maintaining delivery fleets, employing teams of drivers and logistics specialists, and using expensive software to ensure items purchased by their customers are delivered. During this process, the key focus tends to be on making that final delivery and using one-way customer communications. Home furnishing retailers, however, have a unique opportunity to use this process to grow customer engagement by personally interacting with each customer. 


As a home furnishing retailer, think about it. Your customers invest their time in decision-making to purchase large, expensive items, which requires them to stay connected with you to coordinate the delivery. So, you have your customers’ attention like no other retail sector, and this presents a massive opportunity to take the heavy investment you have made in last-mile delivery to a new level and leverage it to create engagement.  


To achieve this, you cannot have a separate chat solution and a separate last-mile solution. You need one AI solution, and that is what has built. Now home furnishing retailers have the software to leverage their investment in last-mile delivery to make them more competitive and compete with online-only retailers. This enables them to make a deep, personal connection with their customers around the post-purchase experience to get more out of what they already have invested in.

2023: The Year AI-Jenny made a difference for our customers

Throughout 2023,’s focus has been on enhancing its ability to empower home furnishing retailers and service providers to take their last-mile operations to an even higher level by optimizing customer engagement, increasing loyalty, and driving sales. To ensure this, our platform’s AI-Jenny was enhanced to have a transformative impact on our customers. So, here’s how we helped Jenny blossom in 2023: 


1. Tailored Generative-AI boosted agent productivity



Jenny,’s personal virtual customer engagement agent, now leverages ChatGPT technology to assist agents in crafting better and faster responses to customer messages. Agents can ask Jenny for a suggested response, and then decide whether to use it as a final draft or inspiration for the actual response they will send. This is all about Jenny helping agents become more productive by helping them respond more quickly to customers without wasting time trying to formulate responses themselves.


2. More automated conversation flows reduce manual labor 



Over 2023, Jenny has become more human and can take care of business all by herself. The result? Jenny can now handle customer queries without customers needing to speak to a human agent. This also allows Jenny to take action based on the content of the messages she receives from customers in the chat widget. Jenny can then automatically route a chat to a specified chat location, set a specific auto-reply text for each scenario, and tag the chat automatically.


So, for example, imagine a website visitor typing into the chat widget, “Do you offer appliance repairs?” This message can be automatically routed to the ‘repair’ chat location and the system can automatically respond with “Yes we do – please fill out this form to receive a quote for repair.”  The result is that your agents will be more productive and able to spend time focusing on more higher-level tasks.


3. Self-scheduling without the need for a human agent

Thanks to Jenny’s expanded toolbox, it is now possible for agents and guests to schedule orders directly in using Storis scheduling logic. This allows customers to save time logging into Storis and, in some cases, completely bypass the need to have a human agent involved. 


4. Enhanced store and curbside pickup experience 



Jenny offers the ability to schedule, engage and connect with customers who are picking up their orders by themselves. Jenny can send reminders for the scheduled pickup, let the warehouse know when the customer is getting close so they can be met outside and proof of identity to reduce fraud. Once the pickup is made, feedback, review prompts and upsell flows can be used, similar to the delivery side. This is all part of how Jenny is constantly building the relationships with customers to help drive repeat purchases. 


5. Accepting customer payments within the platform



Customers can now complete their purchase and pay from within the Sales Chat conversation thread. The sales representative simply creates a dedicated link that is shared with the customer as a payment request. Using the payment link, the customer can easily pay for the product and get an automatic receipt once the payment is approved. This means they don’t have the hassle of going back to the website and adding a shopping cart to pay. And once completed the sales rep will be notified payment has been accepted. 


If you want to discover more about each of these enhancements and how can help you leverage your investment in last-mile logistics to create exceptional customer-centric experiences that drive loyalty and sales, book a demo today by clicking below.

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