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Cross-journey, personalized & interactive conversations powered by AI & automation

  • Continuously-connected fulfillment

    +100X Happier customers
    40% lower labor costs.

  • Great experiences become glowing reviews

    +100% Online reviews

  • Data driven, automated upsell

    +15% Higher sales

Connected fulfillment

Interactive and automated scheduling, routing and delivery operations that place your customer in the center, while cutting operational costs

  • Schedule
  • Converse
  • Track
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Your customers are your advocates

Use your customers’ own feedback data and our automation, to optimize how you motivate them to give a review and in which review platform

  • Feedback
  • Issue handling
  • Reviews
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Monetize your relationships

Automated upsell and campaign management platform, based on product SKU, purchase history and most importantly- the fulfillment experience

  • Opt-in/out
  • Auto Upsell
  • Website sales
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Gain full control of every aspect of your customer’s experience,
from sales to fulfillment and back. IT’S THAT EASY.

Giving “line of sight” to all departments
on each interaction with each customer

  • Automated workflows reduce friction between teams
  • Centralization of customer data promotes collaboration
  • Standardizing excellence across different teams and business units
  • Everything clicks into place – without needing engineering support

PACKAGE.AI brings it all together

  • Delivery chat

    AI powered scheduling, route planning and customer messaging

  • Reviews chat

    Feedback and online reviews for reputation management and product reviews.

  • 3

    Sales Chat

    Personalized upsell based on recent purchases and interactions

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